About Us

It  has  been  my  dream,since college to create my own  art  studio.I am an art lover and according to me art cannot  be described in one  word,but it has different meaning for different people.For me,art is something created by an individual in his/her own style.The person enjoys the liberty to create his own  masterpiece,whether it is done on a piece of canvas sheet,stone or wall.Art  makes people loose themselves in a state of serenity and makes it difficult for them to come back to real life.

Our  main aim is to develop, work of each artist through  this website.All the art  work  on this website is uploaded according to the liking of the artist.In the column sketch and potrait,there are sketches based on photographs provided to us.In this column sketches are made in different  mediums  like  pencil  shading,water colour shading,oil paints,Acrylic paints or mix-media.In the column Greeting Cards  cover of Greeting  cards are made by taking print out of  the original handmade paintings.

You can see the handmade art work of many  talented artist in the art  work column .All of  the  work  uploaded on the website is available for selling and the order is delivered with in 15 days.We also accept photographs  to create a portrait based on it. Our top priority is to meet our customers need  rather then making any huge profits.Feel free to call at 9971706667 in case of any confusion or query. Thanks.